Westphalia is a minor faction in Empire: Total War.

General InformationEdit

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Westphalia initially controls the region of Rhineland. neighbors Wurttemberg in the south, the United Provinces in the north, Hannover in the east and Spanish Flanders in the west.

Like most other minor nations, Westphalia is weak in the very early stages but can quickly build up a sizable army.

Along with the Thirteen Colonies, New Spain, and Louisiana, Westphalia is one of the few nations in Empire: Total War that cannot reemerge if destroyed. If a revolution succeeds in Rhineland, Hessen emerges instead. Therefore, Westphalia is unique in that it cannot change government type.

Unit RosterEdit

Westphalia has much in common with Austria in terms of unit roster composition, having access to Hungarian Hussars and Windbüchse Jaegers. However, they usually don't have access to these units as they require ownership of the regions of Hungary and Austria, respectively.


Westphalia was a duchy formed in 1445. It is located in central Europe, in modern-day Germany. It was an ally of Wurttemberg, which helped Westphalia fight enemies. In 1806 it was incorporated into Hesse-Darmstadt and ceased functioning as an independent entity. What was Westphalia is now part of Germany.


The flag used by Westphalia is the flag of the Kingdom of Westphalia, which is historically anachronistic as this flag was used during 1807-1813.

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