is a minor faction in Empire: Total War.


Venice, Venetia in 1700

  • Starting Building – State House, Army Encampment, Opera House, Cannon Foundry
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 1,527,873
  • Wealth – 3732
  • Religion – Catholicism 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsUdine (Craft Workshops Weavers), Maniago Vineyards (Wineries), Verona (Coaching Inn), Chioggia (Trading Port)

Patras, Morea in 1700

  • Starting Building – Magistrate
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 265,079
  • Wealth – 1554
  • Religion – Orthdox 95.0%, Catholicism 5.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsSparta Farmland (Peasant Farms),Corinth (Craft Workshops Smith), Voupradia Groves (Vineyards)
  • Later Villages/Ports Pylos (Port)

General InformationEdit

Venice is initially in possession of two areas: Venetia and Morea, the latter of which is in Greece. This can create a nuisance for players who target Venice, as without a navy, they cannot transport themselves to Morea. Venice, which may sometimes be in possession of a large navy, can raid trade routes and be a problem.

Austria and the Ottoman Empire usually have to deal with Venice as part of their victory conditions.

In-game, Venice has a tendency to declare war on whoever controls Austria, Savoy, the Italian States, and Lombardy. This can be problematic, as invading Venice usually causes the AI to have most of the other factions in the Italian peninsula to turn hostile.

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