USS Constitution Icon
USS Constitution
USS Constitution
Belongs to United States
Crew 137
Guns 48 (23 on each side, two bow chasers)
Firepower 920
Range 400
Accuracy 60
Reloading skill 40
Hull strength 6586
Speed 20
Maneuverability Medium
Tech requirement None
Produced from Drydock
Special abilities Top Gallants
Cost 4296 SP/2808 MP
Upkeep 1070

The USS Constitution is a ship in Empire: Total War. It is available with the Special Forces & Bonus Content DLC.


The USS Constitution is a powerful, heavy frigate in the United States Navy.

She is easily the equal of many smaller fourth rate ships of the line in terms of combat power as she carries 44 24-pounder guns; a normal frigate in another navy would carry 12-pounders at best. The Constitution is also strongly built and large, allowing her to withstand punishment from other frigates and still be able to outrun larger opposition.

Unlikely as it sounds, the United States sold off the ships of the Continental Navy after the Revolutionary War. This had unfortunate consequences because the Barbary pirates noticed that, if America was a new nation, American ships were no longer protected by any treaty signed with Britain. The USS Constitution was therefore intended to combat the pirates. Even more incredibly, once a treaty with the pirates had been signed, construction was suspended! Eventually, Congress agreed to fund the ship, and she was launched in 1797.

In 1801 the Constitution was used as a flagship during the First Barbary War, but her most famous action was in fighting the Royal Navy’s HMS Guerriere (captured from the French in 1806) during the War of 1812. During the vicious close-in battle, British shot bounced off the thick planking of the Constitution, giving rise to her nickname “Old Ironsides”.

General InformationEdit

The USS Constitution is a unique 24-pounder Frigate available only to the United States. It boasts much higher firepower and hull strength than regular 24-pounders, but it is much more expensive to build and maintain.

Despite the fact that there is nominally a one-ship cap, multiple USS Constitutions may be obtained by any nation if they capture one, forcing the United States to build another.



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