Light Infantry Doctrine
Etw military army light infantry doctrine
Requires None
Building Needed Army Board
Leads To Platoon Firing
Stream Military, Military
  • Enables advanced light infantry drill
  • Allows recruitment of light infantry
Light Infantry Doctrine is a military Technology in Empire: Total War. It is the prerequisite for the training of many Skirmishers.


"Being, in the main, a newly improved method of deployment for the correct use of light troops upon the field of battle..."

Skirmishers deploy as a screen ahead of the main battle line, usually as a widely spaced line of men. It is their job to harass the enemy line by peppering them with a few musket balls and scout for weaknesses. Most importantly, they must prevent the enemy from doing the same thing. They will not stop a serious enemy attack only delay it.

Advanced skirmishing requires a degree of intelligence from those in the ranks. They form small groups, spotting important targets in the enemy ranks and deliberately shooting them. For preference, enemy officers and sergeants are the main victims, as their loss causes confusion and doubt in the rank- and-file. Light infantry officers direct their men, rather than rigidly control them , leaving the brightest and best in the army to make their own kills.

Historically, light troops were hunters, poachers and the like, or the complete light companies from existing regiements gathered into a new unit. A few nations, such as Great Britain, chose to arm their elite skirmishers with rifles rather than smoothbore muskets.

General InformationEdit

Research of Light Infantry Doctrine requires an Army Board to be captured or constructed. In turn, researching Light Infantry Doctrine allows for Platoon Firing to be researched.