is a minor faction in Empire: Total War. It is an emergent faction.

General InformationEdit

Hessen is a Protestant faction that can emerge in the Rhineland, Westphalia's home region. It is possible for Hessen and Westphalia to coexist if Westphalia had captured another territory beforehand.

Unit RosterEdit

Hessen largely has the standard Western European roster. It fields Prussian Jaegers instead of Riflemen; however, it rarely has the opportunity to do so as Prussian Jaegers may only be recruited in the regions of Brandenburg or East Prussia. 


German soldiers named “Hessians” were used by the British during the Irish rebellions and, more notably, the American Revolutionary War. Up to a quarter of troops aligned with the British during the latter war were German. Although Hessians were named after the country of Hesse-Kassel, “Hessian” became a blanket term to refer to any German mercenary. As the Hessians were foreign soldiers (foreign being non-English speaking) Patriot propaganda successfully used this fact by called them savage and ruthless. However most of the troops from Hesse-Kassel had been conscripted and sent to the Americas cramped in small ships. Every side of the American Revolution committed what we would call war crimes however the Hessians got the lasting unfortunate bad reputiaton.

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