Belongs to Most Western factions
Type Fixed Artillery
Guns 4
Firepower 38
Range 400
Accuracy 25
Reload 30
Morale 3
Tech requirement None
Produced from Cannon Foundry
Shot Types Round Shot, Canister Shot, Shrapnel Shot
Cost 710 SP/640 MP
Upkeep 170
Turns to Train 2
Unit Cap None
Demi-cannon icon

Demi-Cannons are a type of fixed artillery in Empire: Total War.


A demi-cannon is a heavy artillery piece from the previous century, deployed in a fixed battlefield position.

Although obsolete, a demi-cannon is still a dangerous weapon to face as it fires a ball with a nominal weight of around 24 pounds. This large calibre makes for a large weapon with a massive gun carriage. Once properly emplaced, a demi-cannon is hard enough to adjust for aim, let alone drag to a new location! Originally, this lack of tactical mobility was not a problem, as the gun was for siege work or for a battlefield where there was little artillery present. It was unlikely to ever suffer any kind of counter-battery fire, so didn’t need to be moved.

Artillery was sometimes incredibly dangerous to its users as well as the targets: fire was a terrible risk. The artillery baggage train usually held an enormous quantity of powder, and any stray spark was liable to cause an explosion. Anyone out of place caught near the powder train could expect little mercy: some generals ordered that enemy agents should be burned alive if caught in an arson attempt, and immediate lynching for their own errant soldiers wandering too near the artillery train!

General InformationEdit

Demi-Cannons make good early artillery over Sakers, having decent range and Demi-Cannons act as fixed artillery, so supporting them with mobile artillery, preferably 12-lber Foot Artillery or 3-lber Horse Artillery and cavalry to protect the flanks. Demi-cannons are fixed artillery, so they cannot be repositioned. This can be problematic during battles where the enemy has positioned themselves out of range or is acting defensively. However, should the enemy elect to attack, the demi-cannon should be managed carefully, engaging the most immediate threats, using Canister Shot whenever possible. On the other hand, in battles where they are on the offensive, the AI may resort to using the troops manning the cannons as melee infantry if they are out of range or have destroyed the rest of their army - meaning one can take them out with far fewer or no casualties.

Demi-cannon are also useful in siege defenses, as the four-gun battery can decimate storming parties with a hail of canister. In such situations, the guns should be placed in the main square of the fort.

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