Carcass Shot
Etw military ordnance carcass shot
Requires None
Building Needed Ordnance Factory
Leads To Quicklime Shells, Explosive Rockets
Stream Ordnance, Military
  • Unlocks Carcass Shot for howitzer artillery
Carcass Shot is a Technology and shot type in Empire: Total War.


This ammunition is a hellish incendiary, contrived from combustible substances wrapped in canvas, strengthened and supported by iron hoops.

The shells are made by pouring an unpleasant cocktail or turpentine, tallow, resin, saltpetre, sulphur and antimony compounds into a canvas sack, which is supported by iron interlocking hoops. This mixture hardens, and the shot can then be fired from mortars and howitzers. A weapon with a low muzzle velocity is required, otherwise the canvas rips apart and the crew are showered with the burning contents of the canvas. The hoops hopefully prevent the shot from bursting as it leaves the barrel, setting the users on fire rather than the target.

In theory, the mixture should burn for a few minutes when the shot bursts on impact, and be incredibly difficult to extinguish. Certainly dousing the flames with water will have little effect. This makes carcass shot particularly useful against defensive positions, and an extremely unpleasant weapon when used against troops in the open.

General InformationEdit

Carcass Shot is essentially a ball of molten material fired from mortars and howitzers that spray incinerating fumes over the battlefield. Despite its bright appearance, however, carcass shot rarely inflicts anything more than nominal casualties, although it is still usually slightly better than Round Shot at inflicting casualties. It is replaced by Quicklime Shells once researched.