6-iber horse icon
6-lber Horse Artillery
6-iber horse
Belongs to Most European and American factions
Type Horse Artillery
Guns 3
Firepower 15
Range 400
Accuracy 50
Reload 30
Morale 3
Produced from Great Arsenal
Shot Types Round Shot; Canister Shot; Shrapnel Shot
Cost 870 SP; 660 MP
Upkeep 210
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None

6-lber Horse Artillery are a type of horse artillery in Empire: Total War.


Intended to keep up with rapidly-advancing mounted forces, horse artillery batteries have a touch of "cavalry dash" about them.

Horse artillery units are distinguished from other types of artillery forces because everyone rides into battle: drivers ride the horses, while gun crews are often given seats on the gun limbers. The cannons assigned to horse artillery units usually fire relatively small calibre rounds although, as always, the weight of shot is used to designate different horse artillery types. The weight of fire is considered to be less important than the speed with which it can be moved to a firing position, deployed, and then removed to a new site. This is what gives horse artillery its appeal to generals: the ability to rapidly give fire from almost anywhere on the battlefield. Horse artillery can be used as a flexible reserve, or to exploit a weakness in an enemy line.

Historically, in many countries horse artillery developed a cavalry-like air of being an elite force. This attitude is entirely understandable. Dragging heavy artillery pieces across country at the gallop is an inherently dangerous thing to do, even without people shooting at you!

General InformationEdit

With more firepower and none of the drawbacks of 3-lber Horse Artillery, 6-lbers are the best horse artillery available to most western factions. Only France has a better option in the formidable 18-lber Horse Guard Artillery. 6-lbers can use their speed to quickly move to strong firing positions to make full advantage of their potential. Their mobility also allows them to withdraw relatively quickly.

6-lbers trade their mobility for poor damage compared to foot artillery: they take significantly longer to destroy walls than their slower counterparts. Another inconvenience is the longer time they require to deploy and pack their cannons, as the crew need to get off and on their horses, respectively.

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