12-iber howitzer icon
12-lber Howitzer Foot Artillery
12-iber howitzer
Belongs to Most European and American Factions
Type Foot Artillery
Guns 4
Firepower 27
Range 350
Accuracy 45
Reload 25
Morale 3
Tech requirement Explosive Shells
Produced from Military Governor's Barracks/Great Arsenal or higher
Shot Types Round Shot; Explosive Shells; Carcass Shot; Quicklime Shells; Percussion Shells
Cost 630 SP/790 MP
Upkeep 150
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None

12-lber Howitzer Foot Artillery are a type of artillery in Empire: Total War.


Howitzers send shells plunging into enemy formations and over defences, making cover irrelevant.

Howitzers are something of a misfit in the world of artillery, combining elements of both mortars and field pieces. Stubby-barreled and mounted on limbered field carriages, howitzers are capable of delivering a range of ordnance via indirect fire.

By angling the barrel and changing the propellant charge used, howitzers have impressive flexibility in shell trajectories. Experienced crews can lob ordnance with great accuracy into a “beaten zone”, making life utterly miserable and very short for anyone within it. As foot artillerymen, howitzer gunners walk into battle alongside the draft animals, giving them limited battlefield mobility.

General InformationEdit

Even a small battery of well-utilized howitzers can help tip the balance of power in a player's favor. Their medium-long range and ballistic trajectory allow them to be deployed in the safety of an army's rear without dramatically reducing its effectiveness. The Explosive Shells (and later Carcass Shot, Percussion Shells and Quicklime Shells) make it an effective tool against mass of infantry or cavalry, while Round Shot can be used to take down walls safely at a distance.

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